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Friendship Never Happened Redone by LullabyPrince

It is extremely bad to prevent anyone to do anything with this even rp and for that I give you a 0/100 even if those design are good th...


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Feel free to donate if you just wanna donate ^^

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Here the price of the Comission but first of all i'll explain how it work for me.
Here my list of priority in order of top priority to the less:

Comissions by money
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The price for the point Comission are:

5 Point for a Pixel pony if my style
Phazer Stryke by AnnieRoshinoRambo Pie by AnnieRoshinoEpic Pie by AnnieRoshinoHighlight Shadow V.2 by AnnieRoshino

10 Point for a Rough style
Pinkamena Evil Pie Alias Yin by AnnieRoshinoProm here i come! by AnnieRoshino

15 Point for a Net style
Closer then ever by AnnieRoshinoNon-Rainboom Fluttershy by AnnieRoshino

20 Point for a Colored style
Lexy Ponyfied by AnnieRoshino

50 Point for a Master piece (High for me to not do it or refuse so plz dont panic i will simply give the point back)
Thunder Light unleashed by AnnieRoshino

Comission place:


For the Collaboration, i don't know that much on how it work so if someone want to do one, explain me and i'll see so here the place:


For the Trade, i would like to do some so here the place:


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Just a random Journal post to say i am not dead... heh


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Annie's Fact

Updated : v1.8.1 Now number of Faq is now 124!! Updated my breast size :D

BTW I'm French

Now with more Pony things :3

1- I'm a Girl 8D
2- I am 21 years old now >.<
3- I'm a conjoined fan =O
4- I'm Lesbian =D
5- I'm really boyish 8)
6- I'm pierced like... every where XD
7- I got around G-H Breast size T.T
8- I don't like having breast .
9- I like cats... the animal too ^3^
10- I like vomit joke =D
11- I like fart joke =D
12- I'm a sprites artist =3
13- I'm half Asian half French Canadian =D
14- I can beat up boy easily 8D
15- I will NEVER put a pick of me on internet NEVER... no emote this time cus i'm serious...
16- I'm a blondy :3
17- I have blue eye =3=
18- I'm a sportive girl =P
19- I got girl abs ^3^
20- I'm Gothic =-=
21- I pown :D
22- I hate dick
23- I hate dick head!!!
24- I got floating boobs u.u
25- I'm 1m 65 ^^
26- I like Blue, Black and Thunder Blue 8)
27- I like Thunder 8D
28- I like Wind -3-
29- I like watching the sky :3
30- I'm a Zelda Fan :)
31- I like pulling labia O3O
32- I wish i could be conjoined with my love =3
33- I like Action!! =D
34- I like Action Bunnies =3
35- I think Naruto should be a girl ^^
36- I think Naruto is actually a girl who make people think she's a he ^o^
37- I Think Sakura is secretly a boy .
38- I know that Sasuke is now a dumb, ignorant, stupid, mentally retarded, gay prick. w
39- I wish i could have men pec rather then women breast T.T
40- I wish even if i have men pec that i still have my pussy... there thing we cant mess with. ^^
41- I think having back boobs would really suck u.u
42- I wish my chic actually got back boobs :3
43- I wish my chic will have piercing every where like meh =D
44- I want to find a Labia conjoinment .
45- Ill try to make a Labia conjoinment =D
46- I like conjoined by boobs =3
47- I would hate to be conjoined to a guy >=(
48- I have some scars ^^
49- I like scars!!! =P
50- I think this Faq is loooooooooooooooog :3
51- If my breast get bigger... il rip THEM OFF MOTHER *******!!!! Sorry i gone insane :D
52- I LIKE TRAINS!!!! 8D
53- I think the cake is not a lie ^o^
54- I thought i was a boy when i was young =.=
55- I actually don't really have SPM =D
56- I actually cant really now when i'm in the week because of the 55 Faq u.u
57- I hate Pokemon!!
58- I was a fan of Bleach but now the manga is getting dumb XD
59- I really One Piece now 8D
60- I'm a girl... ah fuck i already said that =.=
61- I'm a dummy :la:
62- I have a twin brother!!! ^3^
63- I really want a cake =o
64- I'm not here, i'm there...=D
65- I'm sure being conjoined by labia would be fun :3
66- I'm sure being conjoined by boobies would be fun 83
67- I wish i was a slime girl ^o^
68- I wish i was half dragon =3
69- I like the number 69 =3=
70- I hate girl who act like bitches .
71- I hate 80% of the girl... they are bitch but not you FlareWolfang your in the 20% :3
72- I'm a girl and yes girls are stupid, sorry Flare >.<
73- I'm not a slut but if i was in front of you and you ask to touch my boobs... ill not refuse XD
74- I actuality have a lot of game which implies boobies but they are not really sexual ^@^
75- I like to play with boobs... A LOT =D
76- I'm really REALLY not a shy girl as you can see in this faq an really open minded ^^
77- I cant talk Japanese and i'm actually half Jap!! :D
78- I'm French but i'm really good in English too ^3^
79- I have a big breast and it suck, if your a girl and you say it nice, your a flat girl... XD
80- I like sword... gun suck =P
81- I like robots =]
82- I like Lamia =D
83- I like centaur o3o
84- I like reptile ^^
85- I love snake precisely :3
86- I don't like spider like 99% of the girl XD
87- I have like... 40 Katana... 8D
88- I actually cosplay ^3^
89- I have a real Kimono :3
90- I want a 3 meter long Katana like Sephiroth =P
91- I don't wear girl underwear, i wear boy boxer but yes i wear Bra ^^
92- I borrow my brother underwear when mine are washing lol
93- I wear men cloth... girl cloth suck hard XD
94- I boyish!! i said it before .
95- I don't wear high heels cus i don't want to die in pain
96- I wore a dress once and hated it, i ripped it somewhere, i walked on it and fell and finally I was caught in a fight so i just ripped it in a mini dress... 200$ in trash... _
97- I'm wearing girl tuxedo now... =D
98- I hate skirt too so i wear girl tuxedo with pants ^^
99- I rap my boobs some time :3
100- I can't draw bigger sprite for now ^^'
101- I'm not the only girl who like conjoinment, they are just rare...Like wining a Loto XD
102- I got my Labia pierced ^3^
103- I got my nipples pierced too!! 8D
104- I always wanted to have a Medieval armor =D
105- I got my hair dyed black on the point of my blond hair ^^
106- I want to create an electric sword C=
107- I'm a dirty girl XD
108- I wanted to be born as a boy >.<
109- I think sexual change... change nothing you will still be a girl if your a girl same for boy but im not against that and if people are happy with sex change why not =D
110- I have a chat for conjoined talk so just click on my website link!!
111- I am sick of this question " how long you have been into Conjoining? .
112- I am into Conjoinment since my 16 so now stop fucking bugging me with that!!! .
113- I really like to laugh at someone who is failing at multitasking XD
114- Monkey.D.Luffy is AWESOME =D
115- I want a darkness top tatoo 8)
116- I like boobs but only on someone else body ^W^
117- I like Conjoinmnet since my 15-16 years old ^^
118- I'm a My Little Pony addict!!! :O
119- I know that Rainbow Dash is Awesome!!! =D
120- I really like Pinkie Pie, she's so funny!!
121- I wish i was a Pony ^3^
122- I wish i was a Pegasus pony :D
123- I'm a Brony!! Yeah i'm a girl so i should be a Pegasister but Brony is more awesome to say... 20% cooler i would say!!!
124- I'm against marriage in general :/

Now i have a Tumblr the link is just below!!

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